Importante texto sobre o CU Israel

O CUzamento das populações é uma tendência mundial, infelizmente. Israel também embarcou na ideia do CU Israel, que conterá as informações biométricas de todos os israelenses. Para entender melhor o CU Israel recomendo a leitura de The State of Israel and the Biometric Database Law: Political Centrism and the Post-Democratic State de Nitzan Lebovic e Avner Pinchuk. Os dois últimos parágrafos merecema nossa atenção:

It is difficult, therefore, to understand how supporters of the biometric database could even ask, “Who’s afraid of fingerprints… in a society where most of one’s personal information is already accessible,” [104] or embrace the stupid notion according to which the right to privacy is the refuge of scoundrels and those “who have something to hide.” The serious fear of the biometric database is not about “fingerprints,” but rather about the all-knowing government: “information is power,” and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In a democracy, power must be limited and decentralized, and this is true with respect to the information concerning its citizens that the state has at its disposal. Constant surveillance is the unequivocal trademark of a police state and, therefore, we must protect our privacy even when we have nothing to hide. [105]

Toward the end of the first volume of Politics, Aristotle wonders what happens when a democratic government deviates from its principles. “Since the state is a partnership, and is a partnership of citizens in a constitution, when the form of government changes, and becomes different, then it may be supposed that the state is no longer the same… It is different when the form of its composition alters.” [106] In a state that surrounds itself with walls (here Aristotle warns that the state cannot be considered a “single unit” on the basis of the walls of the city, “for you might surround all Peloponnesus with a wall” [107] ), we should think twice before placing additional walls between the individual and his own body, between citizen and citizen, between citizen and government, and between government and government. Democratic government is based on partnership and not separation. A mechanism that, by its very nature, creates separation of a type that cannot be changed or erased is certainly anti-democratic, even if it temporarily reinforces the state. (grifos meus)


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